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Want the real inside scoop?


Several sellers have alerted us to what they have available; items, addresses and special "extras" they'll offer such as lemonade stands, snacks, free water, fundraisers, and more! 

STAY TUNED FOR THE 2024 LIST OF ITEMS to be found at each address!


LIST OF ITEMS for 2023 Mapleton Hill Rummage Sale.jpeg

Some examples of what was found during last year's Rummage Sale:

  • Antique desks

  • Original canvas art

  • Stereo equipment

  • Adult & kids' bikes and tagalongs

  • LOTS of women's clothes and shoes

  • Stuffies fundraiser for kids in Ukraine

  • rocking horse

  • vintage nordic ski gear

  • fire pit

  • Furniture, treadmill

  • books

  • Bake sale for adults with developmental disorders

  • kids toys

  • Xbox, Playstation, computer games

  • ski equipment & clothing

  • kitchen stuff

  • plants & pots

  • Vintage Furniture, Desk, Dining Room Table

  • Backpacks, CDs, and lots of little treasures!

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